Ateny Wek, Gordon Buay in predicament over the last week’s controversial op-ed article

Juba – Following the op-ed article published by The New York Time last week with authorization from Ateny Wek as the Spokesperson of president Kirr and facilitation of Gordon Buay, the reaction from the people concerns and the world is quite more different from Ateny and Buay’s analyses of the article

The letter was meant to get rid of “Justice and Accountability” chapter in the peace agreement and that it shouldn’t be implemented. Ateny wrote the article on behalf of the “Presidency” and that the idea was coming from the President, the FVP and the VP in a meeting they held at J1 last week and shared it with Gordon Buay, a third in the list of South Sudan embassy officials in the US, who later shared it with The New York Time for publication.

After the publications, Ateny and Buay were expecting some sorts of congratulations and appreciations from the president for ‘job well done!’. However, the whole things is now quite different with two set to lose their positions and probably face some legal actions.

The US govt is allegedly asking the South Sudanese goverment to take full responsibility of their officials and called on President Kirr to get rid of the two officials demanding further that Amb. Gordon Buay have to leave the US immediately. The same demands have been given as well by the Minister of foreign affairs, Deng Alor Kuol, calling on President Kirr to get rid of the two.

Ateny was allegedly summoned by Kirr but the outcome of their discussion remains unknown.

Other activists have also added their voices calling on President Kirr to remove Ateny Wek and Gordon Buay, referring to their action as not only an embarrassment to the government and the president, but also a prove that the former govt is guilt of the crimes committed and totally fear justice to take its course on all those who committed atrocities.

Administratively, the article also undermine President Kirr is authority and control over his officials as this is done by none other than his very own spokesperson out of his knowledge.


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