SPLM-IO Student’s League members arrested at Juba University by Security Personel loyal to Pres. Kirr

Juba – Two executive members of the SPLM-IO Students’ league at Juba University have been arrested by security personnel loyal to the Country’s president Salva Kirr Mayardit.

SPLM-IO youths league held a peaceful rally today at the university and the arrest must have been in connection to the organization of that event.

The arrested are Chan Deng Moror and Peter Angui, both hails from the President is home region of Bahr el Gazel. The two fellows, according to sources, have been working hard to make sure that the SPLM-IO youth league at the Juba university exist.

Tet Mayiel Donge, one of the executive member of the SPLM-IO youths league at the Juba university, told Wangdunkon Media that their two comrade were arrested while on their way to attend the rally mentioned above. They further called on the goverment and the SPLM-IO leadership to exert efforts to release the arrested students.

“We are calling the Government to release our comrades and we also requests the authority of SPLM-IO to intervene for the release of our dear comrades. Those comrades didn’t do any crime against anyone and it’s their own rights to participate in their capacity as the citizen of South Sudan in any political party” ~ said Mr. Donge

The arrest of the two members of the student’s league, both hailing from Bahr el Gazel, is one of many indications that the former goverment of Pres.Salva Kirr never wanted the spread of rebellion to Bahr el Gazel regions despite many obvious fact that there are thousands of members of the SPLM-IO in Bahr el Gazel, both in military and politics.