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Salva Kiir draws another red line over 28 states.

By editorial team 

Salva Kiir has drawn another red line on the status of 28 states he had unilaterally created in October last year when he split the existing ten states to 28 states, a decision which was criticised and condemned by number of political actors and stakeholders on the country including SPLM/A -IO leadership, South Sudan political parties’ national alliances and civil society organizations, he furthermore green lighted the formation of his newly created state governments against the agreement which was signed based on ten stated.

Salva Kiir held a brief meeting with his supporters in  his mini base in Luri, he briefed them about the fate of the agreement where he pointed accusations against Machar of not interesting in peace agreement he signed, he accused Machar of imposing the cancellation of the 28 states, he threatens to abrogate the accord if his decision on creating more states is rescinded, salva has furthermore meddled people of South sudan he didn’t consult when he controversially created additional states that people will wage another war on whoever will dishonour creation of  28 states.

Several key provisions in the agreement haven’t been fully agreed upon amicably by both parties since the formation of Transitional Government of National Unity ( TGONU ,  the issue of 28 states remains contentious, cantonment the opposition forces in greater Bahr Al Ghazal and greater Equatoria also remain as time bomb, reconstitution of the national parliament also was not tackled so far.

Those issues are very volatile and contentious in nature, if both parties will come up with middle ground solution to them, it will throw back the country to armed conflict.

The govt had been denying the presence of IO forces in the other region except greater upper Nile region, this move according to the opposition will possibly derail and put the date if the agreement at risk and possible collapse if salva Kiir will still uphold this controversial decision.

Failure to address those contentious issues amicably will have negative impact on the people of South Sudan who have been yearning for  peace to return to the country  since outbreak of war in December two years ago.

The international community has so far held back the donation(money) to support the establishment of institutions established under August accord and urges both parties and other stakeholders to implement the provisions of the agreement as  it was signed.

The move has demoralised and frustrated the moods of previous got officials as they were expecting the day Dr. Riek Machar was sworn in as FVP, the money will be given to them, the move us prompted the president the ask the international community where is the money you said you will if the TGONU is formed, now we have formed the govt and we haven’t yet received the money to run the businesss

Since the outbreak of the war, country’s economy has been deteriorating every single day, robbery and killing became rampant due to economic crisis in the country.

Many South Sudanese are crossing borders on daily basis for search of food and protection to the neignoring countries.

If the current govt will not prioritise the implementation of the agreement and stabilise the economy and security of the country, South Sudan people will be in many countries as refugee and Somalia will better than South Sudan.