Govt forces attack SPLA / IO assembly point in unity state.

Press release 

Bentiu-The SPLA/ IO has accuased Juba faction of  attackingredients  their cantonment sites in unity state early today.

Matjang and Tuarkiel in Unity state came under heavy attack  this morning at 7:00AM according IO Military official

The attack takes place in Southern part of Rubkona County but SPLA-IO forces fight back and repulsed back the attackers at 1:00PM This afternoon.

The fighting which started at 7:00AM in the morning lasted for 6 hours when the government forces retreated to Bentiu and Wangkei Payam in Mayom County.
SPLA-IO mighty forces captured 2 PKM and 27 AK-47 Machine Guns from the government forces.

This is an indication that the SPLA in government is not serious to implement the security arrangement. This is a series violation and the SPLA-IO would strongly like to advice the SPLA/Juba faction to refrain from such acts at this particular time of peace process.

Furthermore, the SPLA in government is also preparing for full scale of war against IO forces in Eastern Equatoria state.

In separate development,  four  SPLA-IO officers were arrested in Kapoeta and kept under their detention in Eastern town of Torit

IO leadership is calling for their immediate release because there is no reason for captives while the country has embarked  on peace process.