Breaking: Mabior Garang ‘kicked out’ from Council of Ministers meeting for ‘inappropriate dress”

Juba – The newly appointed minister for Water Resources and Irrigation in the Transitional goverment of National Unity, Hon. Mabior Garang Mabior, has been kick away from attending the council of ministers meeting for inappropriate dressing which is one of the code of conduct for ministers not only in South Sudan, but worldwide.

Mabior, after having been kicked out went back home, embarrased and disappointed and opened his facebook page to disclosed what happened to him before it’s disclosed by others. below is what he wrote:

arriving home after-being kicked out by Salva Kiir from the first sitting of the Council of Ministers for Being inappropriately dressed … Meanwhile there is no fuel in Juba … and people are still in UNMISS – POC’s…someone tell Salva Kiir that the days of dictatorship are over

Mabior has been a care-free individual with most of his life spent on luxury and enjoying his life. his struggle in politics has never been tough and convincing before the 2013 crises.

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