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Dr. Machar: “I came to Juba without dollars” (Then what?) – PEACE!

Juba – The First Vice President of South Sudan whom the people of South Sudan had put hope on his coming to improve the Country’s money, South Sudan Sudanese Pound, back to life after having gone to 4,000 SSP per a a 100 dollar in the recent past.

Speaking to crowd at St. Tereza Cathedral in Juba on Sunday, Machar said he has come to Juba with no dollar but himself and with peace.

“I came without dollars” he said, but continued that the dollar will not hit SSP as it has been the case since there is peace.

“With the security stabilize, dollars will be abandoned. Dollar love peace, they don’t like war”

He highlighted that there will be no need to spent dollars on things (schooling, renting, medical etc.) abroad when we can do them in Juba with peace. He continued that those who hold their money back from South Sudan will now come in and bring their money and the Country’s economy will stabilize.

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