Collapsing Eceonomy

Breaking: Machar arrived in Juba; Ceasefire, economy and humanirian access among the priorities

Juba – The long awaited FVP-designate, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, has safely arrived in Juba after a long wait since last week for his arrival.

Machar said “The first challenge is to ensure permanent ceasefire is expected all over the country”

since the signature of the peace agreement in August last year and the several ceasefire deals before the agreement, there has never been permanent ceasefire in many several prt of the Country, especially in Equatoria and Bahr el Gazel.

Machar said the next task would be the stabilization of the Country’s economy followed by wide humanitarian access to the displaced people across the Country.

“Our second challenge is to stabilize the economy” adding that “We need to ensure humanitarian access” in the Country.

Machar’s coming is the final stage in full implementation of the Agust peace deal which has been backed by pressure for the region and international community with sanction threat.