Breaking: Goverment accepts SPLA-IO to come in with 20 RPGs; 20 PKMs

Juba – The goverment of South Sudan has accepted the proposal by JMEC for the SPLA-IO to bring in 20 Pulemyot Kalshnikova Machine gun (PKMs) and 20 Rocket Propeller Grenades (RPGs) to come along with the armed opposition Chief, Gen. Gatwech Dual, to Juba ahead of Machar to form a transitional goverment of national unity.

The proposal was made by JMEC after the issue led to the failure of Machar’s return on the 18th and 19th respectively as the goverment could not approve clearance for the flight.

“I am in receipt of a letter from the Government’s Chief Negotiator, in which the Government accepts that the SPLM/A (IO) transport from Gambella twenty PKM machine guns and twenty RPG rocket launchers, in addition to the individual weapons of the 195 accompanying personnel” said JMEC chairman Mogae in a statement published on JMEC webside

“I welcome this concession by the Government, following yesterday’s acceptance by the SPLM/A (IO) of the compromise proposal” he said

The JMEC head pointed out that Machar may now come in tomorrow and the TGoNU is formed right upon his arrival.

“It is now vital that the First Vice President-designate returns to Juba tomorrow and the Transitional Government of National Unity is formed immediately upon his arrival. No further delay is tolerable” Mogae said

This latest government’s acceptance of SPLA-IO to come in with the above weapons comes as pressure increases on both sides to removes any stumbling bock on peace progress and speed up the implementation without more delays.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Govt’s army Chief of General Staffs, Gen. Paul Malong Awan Anei, gave an assurance to his troop that “there is no amount of weapons” that could allow the regime change agenda which is what the government’s fear is attached.

Gen. Malong assured his loyalist and the leadership that “let people not be worry about what they (SPLA-IO) are coming with” adding that “Our work is to defend the constitution, the territory and the country against any security threats, whether internal or foreign aggression,”


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