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SPLA-IO’s Gen. Getwech warns Gen. Malong of the govt to stop ‘misbehaving’

Pagak – The SPLA-IO chief of General Staffs has warned his counter part in Juba, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, to behalf in a peaceful manner and stop causing problems here and there.

In a statement imparted to Wangdunkon Media by close aids to Gen. Gatwech, he said they are for peace but will not tolerate hostile  behavior from antipeace element within the govement.

“I warn this guy to stop misbehaving ” referring to Gen. Paul Making, adding that the later is a threat to national peace and harmony.

“I can’t be in Juba with those kind of people. We are for peace but we will never tolerate those misbehaviors.

The comment comes shortly after Paul Malong have been personally engaged in organizing and coordinating offensives against SPLA-IO force in greater Baht el Gazel.

Malong also promised that Machar would never be president in his presence (lifetime) unless he is not there

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