SPLA / IO condemns the aerial attack of their position in Bahr Al Ghazal.

Pagak-  Sudan’s People Liberation Movement/Army in opposition (SPLA / IO ) calls for the Government of South Sudan to immediately refrain from injustice activities. The Sudan’s People Liberation Movement/Army in opposition condemns in strongest term possible the barbaric and aerial bombardment carried out by government forces today in Western Bharel Ghzal. This afternoon, 3 government armed gunships bombarded our forces under command of General Romadan at Monatena area at around 3:30 PM where SPLA-IO forces are camping. We call upon the JMEC to send the verification team as soon as possible to investigate the incident.

For comment on the accusation on April 3 2016 aired out by Lam Tunguar Kueigwong, the state minister of information that “the armed militia under the commands of Col Both Riah and Gatluak Wal Yoh carrired out an attack in Juach, a village inhabited by civilians and their cattle was raided and later on chased the people towards Bentiu town and the Government forces went there and repulsed them back”.
This is not true. The SPLA-IO would like to inform the public that it has got nothing to do with unjust activities which are ongoing daily in the state.The SPLA-IO has no links to any militia groups operating in Unity state. This is baseless accusation; our forces are under ONE command of General Simon Maguek Gai and that we have got no militia operating under us. Frankly, it’s the government in the state accommodating Militias such as Gen.Mathew Puol Jang and Gai Yoah as well as the Sudanese rebel (Justice and Equality movement or JEM) who are fighting alongside the government forces in the name of Salva Kiir.
On other hand, the low payment or total absent of salary and lack of controlling mechanism within the system in South Sudan army make government soldiers turn against the civilians’ properties. It’s the government itself looting its own citizen’s properties. SPLA-IO forces are there to maintain stability, fairness and morality for South Sudanese citizens regardless of their tribes or political background. We (SPLA-IO) have not failed to protect our own people. The SPLA-IO mighty forces are well orientated and their duties are well defined. Therefore, we have got no hand in the ongoing mess. I don’t see any reason for our army why they should loot their own properties since majority of people in Greater Upper Nile including Bentiu are loyal to the people’s movement (SPLM-IO) and we considered them as true patriots. It’s the duty of the state government in Bentiu to find out those opposing peace with in the inner circle of the authority.
Last, not the least, I would like to refute the false accusation leveled against the SPLA-IO forces By Lul Ruai Kong on 28 of March that the armed opposition faction of SPLA-IO have been causing insecurity on Mayendit-Leer road and ambushed a convoy at about 4:00PM in Southern part of the state.
The SPLA-IO forces are committed to the peace Agreement on the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan. This is a kind of pretext which is used by government to defend their positions, diverting the attention of the public. In the real sense, it’s the government having a plan to push SPLA-IO forces out of Thornyoot Payam in Leer County, Daplual in Mayandiit and Adok Port in order to expand its territories. I am calling the SPLA to have unity of command of its forces and embark on the spirit of peace and respect the agreement. Juba seems to be dragging its feet towards the implementation of this Compromised Peace Agreement (CPA).Instead; South Sudan government should appreciate this new dawn of CPA. With Passover of a dark tunnel, I am optimistically realizing hope, trust-building, reconciliation, healing, forgiveness, good governance, justice, equality, and above all, a language of peace among South Sudanese, thus engaging our communities in a positive thinking of nation building.
The return of the SPLM/A-IO would help a lot to protect against violation of any constitution of the state as well as the restoration of democracy which never existed and is unlikely to exist in the future.