Two people killed in ambush on Juba-Bor road

Bor– The authorities in Jonglei State said early today that two people were reported to have been killed in an ambush on Bor -Juba  road by unknown armed men

The state government is yet to verify the attackers but probably, they are the usual ‘UNKNOWN GUNMEN’

According to a local resident in Bor town who talk to Wangdunkon Media, the road between Juba and Bor had been insecure for sometimes, and both government   in Juba and Jonglei state failed to address  the road security  issue.

many   incidences attributed to ambushes have had claimed number of innocent lives for the last few months are years

Many local citizens preferred to use air instead  to get to Juba  and vice verse which is very expensive and many locals can’t afford air tickets and this posses a great risk for the lives of  passengers who are traveling both from Juba and Bor.

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