Breaking: Six people killed and dozen wounded in Pibor

PiborSix people were reported to have been killed  and many more injured by an armed gunmen in Pibor county after forces loyal to former GPAA leader, David Yauyau, and forces loyal to the the appointed governor clashed in the area

The attack was said to  have been carried out by former soldiers from cobra faction of David Yauyau on their rivals.

More than 1,ooo herd of cattle were stolen and one child abducted according local official in the county.

Hostilities between David Yauyau forces and the newly appointed governor of Boma state arise in Pibor county, formerly known as Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) after chief administrator Yauyau was removed in October last year by President Salva Kiir

Tension remains very high according the local authorities contacted by Wangdunkon Media.

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