SPLM-IO condemn detention of its members in Malakal; appreciate UNMISS for coordination efforts

Juba – The Executive Director of Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) for SPLM-IO, Mr. Gatwech Peter Kulang, has condemn the detention of his staffs by elements of goverment of South Sudan at Malakal Airport on their way back to Juba.

The staff members were supposed to travel to Pagak together with UNMISS and UNICEF team to start the demobilization process for children in the army.

“The five (3 staff members of Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS), 1 UNMISS and 1 UNHCR) were waiting to board a plan at Malakal airport back to Juba after their mission was denied security clearance to travel from Malakal to Pagak 3 times where they were going for the launch of Child demobilization Programme approved by the leadership SPLM/A-IO” Mr. Kulang explains in a statement imparted to Wangdunkon Media.

“ROSS condemns such act by some elements in the government and considers it a violation of Peace Agreement signed between the government and SPLM/A-IO. We also want to reiterated that this kind of action violate the recently developed Framework for a Joint Humanitarian Intervention in the country by ROSS, RRC, UN agencies and Humanitarian partners” he continued

I call upon the government to discourage attack on the humanitarian workers and innocent civilians.

The Country can’t afford man-made crises forever!

The Executive Director pointed out that South Sudan can’t afford to be going through man-made crises with the Country being a humanitarian intervention place for ever.

“The Country cannot afford to be on constant Man-made Crisis and Humanitarian Intervention Mode forever. South Sudanese people are yawning for lasting peace that will enable them to resettle, re-build their lives and start contributing constructively to the ailing economy using enormous natural resources that the country is endowed with” Kulang

Thanked and appreciate UNMISS!

“Once again I want to sincerely thank the leadership of UNMISS Juba office of SRG; UNICEF South Sudan and UNMISS Malakal Coordinator; the media and the office of Advance team as well as all those who move swiftly to secure the release of these five officials” He said

After an imposed peace signed last year by the two main warrying parties, it’s unfortunate to mention the fact that killing has never stopped; destruction, raping and torture even in the national capital, Juba, has never stopped. No TGoNU yet in place as IDPs and Refugees continue to suffer within the Country and across the region.