Dr. Marial Benjamin dismissed from his position as foreign minister.

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23/03/2016 Wangdunkon media 

Juba- South Sudan’s foreign minister Dr. Marial Benjamin has been sacked early this evening in a decree read over state owned SSTV, his dismissal came as a result to the statement he released two days ago about the status of contested area of Abyei according to the officials randomly contacted by wangdunkon media this evening.

Marial was accused to have written a letter to UN that stated former minister in the office of the president Dr.  Luka Biong who hails from Abyei is a Sudanese national, he said Luka is not a South Sudanese, he  reiterated that Luka was dismissed from university of Juba because he is like any foreigner hired to do specific work.

His statement brought numerous reactions from many actors in and out side the country.

Former detainees also known FDS called for resignation of Marial Benjamin with immediate effect, the letter was written by the group leader Deng Alor who also hails from Abyei.

Deng was proposed to occupy the the same ministry according to the provision of Addis-Ababa agreement signed in August last year.

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