Fighting among IDPs in Juba’s PoC 1 left 1 person dead; 6 others wounded

Juba – The fighting which occurred on Saturday among IDPs in PoC 1 in Juba has left one person dead and about 6 others sustaining serious injuries.

The fighting started between Dok and Lou sections of the Nuer tribe late Saturday March 19th, 2016 resulting to displacement in the camp. several IDPs especially from Lou were displaced to UN accommodation site and others crossed to PoC 3, west of PoC one.

The deceased is from Lou Nuer of Akobo County and his name is withheld in the interest of the family in Juba to inform those back home.

The situation remains fragile and the tension is still very high as the community and the UN are trying to put it under control and investigate the root cause.

Gatwech Koak Nyuon, a South Sudanese Peace Ambassador based in Ethiopia said he is deeply disappointed hearing this unfortunate fighting.

“I’m very sad and disappointed that our communities killing themselves even in the cell. They forget the reason why they’re in POC. That’s unfortunate and I extend my sincerest advise to them in order to stay calmly for peace as one family” Said Amb. Koak

Acknowledging the fact that the situation under which those IDPs have been in is quite unendurable, Amb. Gatwech assured the community that “It’s just a matter of time. Peace is so close to come and the suffering will come to an end”

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