Breaking: 3 SPLM-IO’s relief members arrested in Malakal by goverment

Malakal – Sources from Malakal indicated that three SPLM-IO’s ROSS (Relief Organization of South Sudan) members have been arrested at Malakal International Airport while trying to board UN flight to Juba.

The members were suppose to travel to Pagak via Malakal with UNMISS facilitation but the goverment of Upper Nile (Eastern Nile) refused to give them flight assurance/clearance leading to their return to Juba.

The purpose of their trip was organized together with UNICEF to start the processes of demobilization of children from the army.

The three staffs were arrested at Malakal Airport in present of UN force protection and the UN could not respond.

The fate of those arrested members is not yet clear as their contacts are out of reach,  but source indicate that UNMISS has initiated high level communication with Juba and the highest authorities in Malakal.

Wangdunkon Media is closely following the situation on ground in Malakal and will update the public accordingly

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