South Sudan peace monitors should not always said both side or both parties violated the ceasefire.

Opinion – Am writing this article in response to routine report from South Sudan peace monitor CTSAMM,JMEC & IGAD who always pointed the blames of ceasefire violation on both parties,this is something that is not fair and it does not make any sense if they would always be saying that both warring parties violated the ceasefire,this is completely different from what we expect them to do.

CTSAMM,JMEC and IGAD are all peace monitors and parties that oversee the implementations and if their report is always not clear on which side violated the agreement then how will the parties referent from such activities since the mentioned bodies are covering and not clearly stating which violated the agreement .

Take an example about what had happened in Upper Nile State around Nasir county the current SPLA IO controlled region known as Sobat State where forces loyal to Salva Kiir at broad daylight launched an offensive against SPLA IO forces in Ketbek at the watch of all these mentioned bodies in Nasir UNMISS compound and that was why when they requested to meet with us then we responded and meet with them,today they said both side against? What will that mean really to those respecting this peace while the parties are generalized?

We urge CSAMM,JMEC & IGAD to behave independently,responsibly and honestly when it come to issues of such kind,we in SPLAIO at these point would not be happy to hear such news when our leadership is fully committed to the agreement.

Let the violation be clear and let them mention which side violated the ceasefire otherwise we will see them indifferent way.

This agreement was signed by our leaders we respect and honor it therefore we no way to derail this peace becuase we have calculated it and have known all its benefits to people of South Sudan.

We are also accusing peace monitors for entertaining the violation of peace agreement by the regime in Juba who are working contrary to the agreement while JMEC,CSAMM and IGAD only watch at them,you should have stop them from continuing with what is not in the agreement,that is the real meaning of monitoring process.

Juba regime is busy forming and sending his governors of unilateral 28 States on your face but you are only busy with both side of the parties violated,and that it self alone is a serious violation that does not need a lot of investigation because it is real and it is been done at broad daylight by present Kiir.

After this we wish to would appreciate a report that is clear and one sided.

Sobat State Secretary for information,Documentations & Orientation.

Sobat State,