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A Tribute to the Late Actress Nyakong Toang Duoth who passed a way last year

Nairobi – March 17, 2016 marks exactly the day we lost our beloved sister – Late Actress Nyakong Toang Duoth who conveyed a great message to her society through movie. Nyakong passed away in Nairobi Kenya last year.

On behalf of the Brownstone Movie’s members and fans, I’d like to share the darkest day of the story with the family of Mr Deng Gony aka Dee Gee. Our prayers will always be with them and we would like to assure the public as I mentioned last year that the DARKEST DAY of this great woman will always be commemorated. Our trust with Nyakong will always remain the same!

At last not least, I’d like to remind the members or fans of the Brownstone Movie as agreed to put on BLACK CLOTHES tomorrow or change your Facebook profile to her picture for a week in honor of Late Actress.

Finally, we acknowledged the strongest support from Mr Deng who has been struggling to give therapy to the kids during the hardest time while South Sudan was/is in the crisis. We’d encourage all the good Samaritans to keep Deng’s family in their prayers and try everything it takes to make them exist.

RIP Madam!


Peace Ambassador Gatwech Koak Nyuon
Director of the Brownstone Movie

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

+251 (0) 933 002 269

Skype: gatwech koak nyuon

 God has a plan for everything”  Bible

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