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Gen. Peter Gatdet: The problem is not between me and Dr. Riek; it’s about you Nuer! and it can not be solve in a close-door meeting

By Gen. Peter Gatdet

In a series propaganda regarding peace claims fabrication on social media that I and Riek Machar agreed on 10/03/2016 is a mere propaganda and nothing as such happened. 

However, I would like you to know and understand that what you heard and read from social media that I, General Peter Gatdet Yak, and my group reunite with Riek machar (SPLA-IO is not factual; I strongly dismissed that misinformation.

We, the defected Generals from SPLA -IO disagreed with Riek Machar because of Arusha-peace deal otherwise the agreement between me, Gen. Peter Gatdet and Dr. Riek won’t be done in the corner and it should not be secret reconciliation among South Sudanese communities, therefore, it must be public and known.

The reason why we disagreed with Dr. Riek Machar was because of Arusha agreement that brought the Re-unification of SPLM groups, because our objectives of why we fought with Juba regime of Salva Kirr and his group was not addressed in the agreement; the killing of innocent Nuer civilians in Juba was not addressed.

The problem is not between me Peter Gatdet and Dr. Riek Machar that could be done in the close-door and the reasons of disagreement are you Nuer, especially the lives lost in Juba in 2013. If the Arusha peace is meaningful peace why Juba is fenced with troops?

Riek Machar Calls us WarLord. We are not warlord. We are Generals defending their family’s lives, and my reaction during the war was you my communities including himself Dr. Riek (Nuer) We fought with Juba regime, likewise we the Defected IO Generals disagreed with Arusha agreement.

If Dr. Riek wants to negotiate with me regarding SPLA-IO reunion, all communities must be aware! Dr. Riek Machar betrayed me (Gen Peter Gatdet) and that is why I disagreed with him because he did not fulfill our objectives or made any guarantees before signing any peace agreement. Therefore we would like to inform all the communities if we want to negotiate with Riek Machar, you need to be consulted before any agreement and that was why I wrote this message to you particularly Nuer in order to know that we are not reunited with Riek Machar (SPLA-IO) yet.

Regards Gen Peter Gatdet Yak


The letter/article above is written by Peter Gatdet Yaka through his Secretary for public consumption. For the purpose of clarity, Wangdunkon Media have done some slight correction for smooth reading.