Compromise peace agreement violated by government forces in Nasir: SPLM-IO

By Hon. Kech Nguth Tiem.

Mandeng – Yesterday on 8 March,number of forces loyal to juba regime under salva Kir administration escaped their barrack and surrendered themselves to SPLA IO position in Nyatot.

After the group arrived and received by the IO emergency joint patrolling team stationed in Ketbeek ,then government followed and demanded to take back those who surrendered,but the move was rejected by the forces of SPLA IO .

SPLA IO patrolling team who received the defectors refused to hand over the group to government and then government of Kiir start to open fire on the SPLA IO forces in Ketbek Station.

Fighting erupted and the government force were chased and repulsed back to their base in wechyaradiw.

Today government also launch an offensive shelling and bombardment to our position in Pandanyang,NorDeng,Dhoreding and subsequent attacks to our position in Ketbeek.
The government forces in wechyaradiw/Nasir have been defecting to IO one by one three month ago and continue until yesterday.

They defectors revealed to SPLA IO number of issues causing them to abundant thier base.saying ,they are under harsh,worse and terrible condition in thier confined place wechyaradiw where they have not been seeing or interacting with people like children ,women and others ,but only seeing people on uniform for two years.

They have also revealed that,those deployed by Kiir in wechyaradiw have gone wild all traumatized and only waiting the days of the death.

Economic crisis hinted them complaining that their big boss trade with them and making money out of their suffering by selling to them commodities at high price with one inhale of tobacco costing 10 pound while the whole packet cost 200 pound which is quarter of their salaries that normally do not come on regular month.

Food shortage,discrimination to non Dinka,and targeting killing of others Dinka of the same clan with SPLA IO Deputy Chief Staff for training Lt General Dau Atorjong.

The leadership of IO in Sobat State have condemned in the strongest term possible the current violation of compromise Peace Agreement in Nasir by Salva Kiir forces.

We urge JMCE Joint Monitoring Commission and Evaluation,IGAD,TROIKA and UN Security Council to intervene on this in responsible behavior from the government of Salva Kiir.
Any attack on our defensive position by Kiir forces will never be tolerated any longer.

Hon.Kech Nguoth Tiem
Secretary of Information, Documentation & Orientation.
Mandeng, Sobat State.

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