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MSF clinic vigoriously looted in Pibor; the agency demands lootings to stop

Juba – Following the recent fighting in Pibor between the pro… and anti… governor of the newly controversial Boma States, One of the victims is Medical San Frontier (MSF) whose clinic is looted beyond explanation, and the looting is continuing upto now.

The International media houses have not covered that history yet as access to Pibor is quite difficult at the moment.

MSF demands for immediate stopping of the looting of their clinics in Pibor following the fighting between the two warring factions of the warring side in Pibor.

“Medical facilities & provision of humanitarian assistance must be respected – [the] ongoing looting of clinic in Pibor must stop!” ~ the agency stated on their official twitter account

confirms looting of its Pibor medical center is still ongoing. We demand it stops immediately – teams must be able to treat patients” ~ MSF stated earlier

the fighting in Pibor is a result of the controversial 28 states created late last year by the South Sudan goverment afdter the signature of the ARCISS which aims at ending the over 2 years conflict in South Sudan.

The appointed Governor of the controversial Boma states, Baba Medam, tried to go on with the establishment of his state government as demanded by the President Salva Kirr Mayardit but most of the population of the Pibor area reject the systematic governor.

The 28 states has been one of the factor derailing the implementation of the Compromise Peace Agreement whereby the fate of the TGoNU is not yet clear.