K-Denk, Sweet Angel in Kampala to release new single hit: BAKAJI

Kampala – In few hours from now, K-Denk in collaboration with the Canadian based South Sudanese artist, Sweet Angel (Nyajuok), will surprise you with new ‘Real Love Story’ hit which they have just shot recently in Kampala, Uganda.

You may not want to hear more about K-Denk from us because you know him probably more then we even do!..  However, Sweet Angel (Nyajuok) started her music in Canada, in the year of 2013 and has released a number of songs in the year of 2014-15.

Nyajuok said “working with K-Denk is something she has been dreaming of and now the reality is documented”

Sweet Angel also stated that “this will be her first major big step in the music industry” as she make this collabo.. with one of the renowned artist not only in South Sudan but East Africa at large.

Their new hit ‘BAKAJI’ produced by Adela in Pope Paul Music Studio, directed and filmed by NUFACE company; BAKAJI was shot at Lake Victoria

The video will be realease tonight and be made available on Youtube. Wangdunkon Media will make the video available tomorrow after it’s released. Watch out here or on our facebook page.

More pictures below:

kd 1

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