Goverment calls for referendum to determine the number of states

Juba – The goverment of South Sudan has come up with a new proposal to initiate conduct of referendum for the people of South Sudan to determine the number of states they wants.

The moves comes as the criticism and calls to drop the unilateral decision by the goverment, nationally and internally, increases and has delayed the formation of the TGoNU provided in the peace agreement.

“We have to be very clear. The SPLM-IO had not dropped its proposed [of] 21 states as it is claimed by others. When the SPLM-IO members of the advance team came to Juba, they sent the list of 21 members going to 21 states. If the SPLM-IO talks of 21 states and the government created 28 states, then all of us have agreed on the creation of states” Said Michael Makuei Lueth in a rally organized by Al Watan Arabic newspaper in Juba on Saturday.

Makuei added that “We (GRSS and SPLM-IO) only differ on the number but opened for increment and this can be done through participation of the people. There will need to be a referendum so that the people themselves decide at the referendum the number of states they want,” he said.

In the ARCISS which is the supreme law of the land currently, there is no provision for more states and not to talk of referendum over the matter.

The goverment has gone ahead with te implementation and operationalization of the 28 states despite several call including from IGAD to suspend the move for further discussion with the other partners in peace.

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