SPLA / IO condemns Malakal’s killing



Wangdunkon media 19/02/2016
United  Nations Mission in South Sudan or UNMISS protection camps in Malakal town in Upper Nile state came under attacked Last night starting from 8:00pm to 4:00am by South Sudan army jointly with Dinka  padang militants operating in the town under command of the current governor of Upper Nile Mr.Chol Thon who executed this action. Gen.Chol who is the new governor of so called Eastern Nile state is currently in town for the last 4days.
This is well planned and coordinated attacked including weapons smuggled inside the camp illegally days back before incident. According to information obtained from the camp, this problem started day before yesterday when UNMISS protection security officers received sufficient security report that internationally displaced persons  from Dinka community staying in Malakal UNMISS protection sites received illegal weapons smuggled in  from main town centre by  the security agents controlling the town since first week of July 2015 when SPLA/IO  withdraw tactically from Malakal town.

UNMISS protection soldiers were denied to conduct the search for illegal weapons smuggled inside the protection camp by some elements from internationally displaced persons. During the incident last night and this morning, the army targeted  Nuer and  shilluk tribes within the protection of civilian camps or POCs burning down the local structures, killed 9 persons  and 35 others wounded ,but the death tolls still counting up to now. The governor of Eastern Nile state Genral Chuol Thon who is responsible for the killing of innocent civilians needs to be brought to book and account for this.

The SPLA/IO condemns the ongoing attack on unarmed civilians in Malakal by Government forces. This is an act of cowardice.  We condemn this attacked in strongest term possible. This is the continued state policy of extermination.

We are blaming the UNMISS for failing to execute its mandate again to protect the innocent civilians. UN and UNMISS instead of burying their heads in the sand should clearly come out and announce that they are powerless to execute their mandate of protecting unarmed civilians. Continuing to allow civilians to dodge live bullets under blankets is unacceptable.  If UNMISS is handcuffed and can’t enforce their mandate, Let it relocate the remnants to safer areas which is the only excusable strategy.


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