Malakal PoC burnt to ashes; situations remains fickle altogether

Malakal – The fighting which started yesterday, 17 Feb, 2015 has yet escalated further this afternoon resulting to almost the whole PoC set ablaze.

In the afternoon of Feb 17, according to reports obtained by Wangdunkon Media in Malakal, the fighting started at night as a result of a Dinka ethnic man who was caught caring bullets and was confronted by Shilluk youths denying him access to the PoC; he was ten beaten and the bullets were taken. The situation was then put defused by UN troops and Police.

Late evening later at around 8 – 9 PM local time, Dinka youths, armed with mostly grenades and some few AK47 kileshnikov, stormed the Nuer inhabited PoC which is just adjacent to them with completely no boundary or fence in between; about 5 people were killed and 35 others were wounded from the Nuer and the Shilluk who were coming to rescue the situation. Nuer were then displaced to the Shilluk inhabited PoC giving space for the armed Dinka youths backed by goverment to put the whole PoC of Nuer to ashes and the remaining was finished up in the morning.

The night was spent sleepless. In the following morning 18th Feb, 2016, UNMISS contacted community leaders from all sides to solve the problem through dialogue but it never give changes to the situation later on.

Dinka IDPs in the following morning, according to our sources in Malakal PoC, were taken by the goverment from the PoC to Malakal town with cars, trucks and lorries and some walking as the another attack was being cooked.

At about 3:00 PM on 18th, the armed militias group known as Abu Shiok alongside regular goverment forces believed to have blended in militia group storm the Shilluk PoC and was set ablaze; dozen were killed and over 40,000 IDPs were displaced into the UN log base as they were running for their life.

The only PoC which remains white (not burned) is the one Dinka used to dwelt in – the rest of the PoCs are in ashes with only some part of Shilluk PoC survived. Wangdunkon Media is still figuring out exactly the number of people killed and those wounded, the our sources indicate that many people have been killed and a lot of others injured.

This attacks comes as the governor of the controversial Western Nile State Gen. Chol Thon Balok visit the states capital and has been there for the last five days.

Tension in Malakal PoC has not just started overnight. it has been on since some time back and has recently been escalated by the creation of 28 states by President Kirr which is in favor of Dinka community as the historical city of Malakal has unilaterally and illegally been given to them.