Dozens killed in Malakal POC

Malakal- An armed men in military uniform attacked civilians in Malakal’s protection of civilians site (POC) six people were reported to have been killed and shelters burned down.

More than 35 people are injured, they are currently being treated in local health facility based in the camp

The fighting is between Dinka and Collo Community in the UNMISS  camp.


According to eyewitnesses contacted by wangdunkon media,  the situation remained very tense.

According to the eyewitnesses, the situation remained very tense as Dinka community are moving out their tribemates  away from the site.

Few shelters from Nuer community were also burned down and now staying with Chollo communtity.

The UNMISS has condemned the killing in the strongest term possible, and warned all the armed forces to refrain from instigating unnecessary moves that are against human rights.

This is the second time in which the pro government armed men kill civilians in protection site, on 17 of April 2015 over 200 Nuer civilians were maimed in the unmiss compound in Bor.


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