5 killed; 11 children kidnapped in Kaikuiny, Akobo by Murle attackers

Akobo – 5 people have reportedly been killed and 11 other children kidnapped by armed Murle attackers in Kaikuiny village of Akobo County of Jonglei State.

The armed Murle attacked the village at around 6:00 pm local time and manage to collect some few cattle and killed five people on spot kidnapping along with them 11 children.

The attack comes as most of the youths in the area have gone to Toch (cattle camp) as it’s seasonally done and only some few youths were available in the area to pursue the attackers.

“They know that this time the youths have gone to Toch and that is why they now came and attack Kaikuiny because they know that it’s only the elderly people and children who are in the village”  a source in Akobo told Wangdunkon Media

This series of increased attacks by Murle has intensified especially on Nuer areas both in greater Akobo and greater Nasir with the latest being the deadly Makak attack which killed over 20 people and went away with a good number of cattles and some kidnapped children.