URGENT ACTION: Call for the release of Gov. Bakasoro from detention – join!

Amnesty International

It may be through your voice that former Gov. Joseph Bangasi Bakasoro can be release from the detention by National Security Service (NSS). It may be through your voice that he can return to his family and leave the ‘Blue House’ because he doesn’t belong there for he has not committed any crime.

Bakasoro has been under detention since December last year and no charge cited by the authorities in Juba over his detention. His family saw him juts one in January and said his condition was not too good. Up to today, Bakasoro is still under detention and no single charge leveled on him to keep in prison


Please write immediately in English, Arabic or your own language Urging the South Sudanese authorities, to immediately release Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro unless promptly charged with a recognizable offense. You can write to the authorities:

  • Urging them to ensure that he is not subjected to torture and other ill-treatment while in detention;
  • Urging them to grant him access to lawyers of his own choosing, and allow him regular visits from his family.


  1. Legal Advisor to the President,  Mr. Lawrence Korbandy at the Office of the President Juba, South Sudan Email: kkodis@yahoo.co.uk
  2. Minister of National Security, Hon. Obutu Mamur Mete at the Office of the President Juba, South Sudan

And you can also send copies to:
Minister of Justice, Hon. Paulino Wanawilla Unango. Airport Road, Opposite Juba Hotel & Next to Ministry of Education, Munduria Round About, Central Equatoria. Juba South Sudan. Email: molacdgossjuba@yahoo.com

You can send copies to Diplomatic Representative available in the country and abroad for wider circulation and urgent action. Please join Amnesty International.

Download your copy: Urgent call for the release of Bakasoro