Breaking: Pres. Kirr appoint Dr. Machar 1st VP, Igga VP in accordance with the ARCISS

Juba – The president of the Republic of South Sudan, Gen. Salva Kirr Mayardit has appointed his former Vice Vice President and the recent rival, Dr. Riek Machar as the 1st Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan and Wani Igga as the Vice President respectively.

Kirr issued the ‘Presidential decree’ and aired out through the State-run SSTV in Juba this evening.

This expected decree of appointement seems to have raised hope for progress in peace implementation though some major issues are still derailing the implementation, especially the issue of 28 states and the constitutional amendment process.

In the decree, President Kirr cited both the Transitional constitution of South Sudan 2011 and the ARCISS which gives him powers to appoint his Duputy and especially the 1st VP as stated in ARCISS.

Though this appointment would have happened after the transitional constitutional amendment is done to recognize the TGoNU and to recognize the 1st VP position, the happening is the opposite. However, as stated in the peace agreement, the ARCISS is currently the supreme law of the land and Pres. Kirr have the powers to appoint his 1st VP and the VP accordingly as presure over the failure to move on with the peace implementation increases.

Wangdunkon Media is yet to get a comment from the opposition and shall update the public accordingly and separately on their respond.

Now, Machar is title is: H.E The 1st Vice President. Igga’s title is H.E The Vice President and Kirr’s title remains the same: H.E the President.

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