Collo Community warns of possible conflict over 28 states imposition

Juba– members of Collo leaders representing Collo constituencies  in the national parliament have warned of possible conflict  between the ethnic  communities(Dinka and Collo) of Upper over the imposition of establishment order which divided the South Sudan’s  ten states into 28 more, the leader of minority in the parliament  Onyoti Adigo said early today in a press conference held in Juba by members representing  Collo Community, the order has given the historical land of Collo (Malakal) to Dinka  Apandang community, this order will never bring stability and and Malakal will never enjoy peace and stabilty until the order that is completely  reversed and the land is given back to the rightfull owners.

The issue of this land will bring  huge    suffering and instability in the state,  he accused the so called Jieng Council of Elders of manipulatING  the national affairs  by imposing Jieng projects through illegal annexation of land that don’t belong to them.

He further said, the governor of the so called Eastern Nile has ordered the termination of entire Shilluk officials and Nuer working in upper Nile state govt and fill their positions with Dinka people.

He also accused the govt in Juba of arming the local Dinka youth to attack Shilluk.

In his last he remarks, he vows that Collo Community will still stand against the creation of more states that annex their land to Dinka Apadang and will all neccessary means and  tools to protect their motherland.

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