SPLA-IO in Western equatoria denies knowledge of Maj. Gen. Henry Malesh Louis

Mundri – The leadership of SPLA -IO forces in Western Equatoria State under the leadership of Maj. General Wesley Welebe, the division Commander of the forces under direct command of SPLM /SPLA-IO led by Dr. Riek Machar said they reject the claim unidentified man named Maj. Gen. Henry Malesh Louis that he is the commander of SPLA – IO forces in Western Equatoria State.

“We don’t have any major general promoted by SPLM/SPLA -IO Commander in Chief Dr. Riek Machar in that name in entire Western equatoria State” said the group in a statement imparted to Wangdunkon Media

“The said Maj. general must be one of the government agent and we advice our supporters to be calm over such calms. Western Equatoria State has only two generals promoted by the Chairman of SPLM /SPLA-IO and they are Maj. Gen. Wesley Welebe in Mundri and Alfred Futiyo in Yambio” they continued

Western Equatoria states has currently been a field of fighting between several smaller faction and the two main faction of SPLA-IO and the goverment.

The area is devastated to maximum, to say the least, and tenth of thousand of civilians have been displaced. Arrow boys, who are also divided into two or probably more, have been fighting in alliance with the two main faction in different times. one of the main Arrow boys groups have recently declared allegiance wit the SPLA-IO and promise to fight the goverment.

Baya Kayidri

Official Reporter – SPLA – IO In Western Equatoria St