Western Equatoria: 1 dead in Lanyi; five arrested in Lui by SPLA

Mundri  –  A report from Lui payam in Mundri East County in Western Equatoria State said that 5 men were arrested by SPLA-Juba soldiers in Lui and one other killed in Lanyi today. These violation in Lanyi by SPLA Juba soldiers happened when the commissioner of Mundri East county Hon. John Henry was in Lui aiming at going to his county headquarter in Kadiba. The body of the late is currently in Lui Hospital but an arrangement for the burial is ongoing said a reporter who, because of the insecurity, preferred anonymity.

This happened just a week after the government soldiers in the area used chemical weapon against SPLA -IO forces where 40 People went blind and children and women died as a result.

“This action by SPLA-eJuba Soldiers in the area is unacceptable and we condemned it in strongest terms possible. We request that the IGAD and international community investigate such actions and bring the perpetrators into books” said a commander of SPLA-IO force in the area who asked not to be named.