Upper Nile State Goverment ‘terminate’ civil servant from greater Nasir and Pachoda Counties

Malakal – The goverment of Upper Nile State has terminated civil servant coming from Latjor and Pashoda Counties from the State goverment civil servant.

In a decree issued by the State Secretary General for ‘Upper Nile State’, Mr. James Daniel Chuang, acting as the State Secretary General (Upper Nile State) terminated the civil servant hailing from Greater Nasir and Pashoda Counties from Upper Nile State goverment, with himself remaining in Malakal as the new State capital for Eastern Nile State.

The letter of termination bear the logo of the former Upper Nile State and not the new State of Eastern Nile.

This move comes amid pressure on the goverment to suspend the operationalization of the states until an agreement is reached between the parties to the signed peace agreement.

The order was made effective February 1, 2016 as the Eastern Nile goverment has already formed its goverment and appointed Counties commissioners.

In a separate development, the Red Army foundation is inviting the public in Juba for an event to celebrate the 28 states at Freedom Hall on the 10th February, 2016 with President Kirr himself as the Guest of Honor.

To view the decree, CLICK HERE

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