SPLA-IO accuses govt forces of blocking their force going to Juba through the Nile

Pagak – The SPLA-IO said the goverment soldiers in Unity State are preparing to block their barge of soldiers moving from Adok port in Leer County to Juba with troops and police unit as provided in the agreement.

“Government Forces blocked our Forces from at Adok Bar Port and are planning to attack Cantonment areas of Buaw and Nhialdiu in Northern part Unity state. Their intention to move towards the Nile bank is to block barges from SPLA-IO forces and our Police units who are preparing to leave for Juba on the Nile River” ~ Col. William Gatjiath Deng said in a press statement imparted to Wangdunkon Media

“The Office of the SPLA-IO would like to inform South Sudanese population, IGAD-PLUS and International partners that government forces have moved out of their deployment areas and have been assembling at Tharwang Yiela, Torabieth, and Unity Oil fields in order to attack SPLA-IO at their respective positions across the state” he continued

The SPLA-IO troops and Police unit are meant to move to Juba through the Nile as the cost for Air transport has never been realized and covered by the SPLM/SPLA-IO and the peace partners.

The forces are therefore meant to assemble at Adok port in Leer and proceed to Juba using the river Nile through Bor and all the goverment controlled areas along the Nile.

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  1. SPLA -IO why don,t you fight them back when they blocked your way toward Juba
    I think you are coward people who are defending on international communities help
    I was really annoyed when i see Colonel Gatjiath Deng pressing that report regarding barges blocked by SPLA forces on Adok port toward Juba