Latest from K-Denk? Don’t miss! here you go: YA HOBI

Music – K-Denk, the Kenya based South Sudanese Rapper has just released another brand new one for you and specially for your new year. For new year? well, K-Denk will explain better. In this case, this video song is all about something sweets to K-Denk and the pictures below can explains why. Below here we go!

K-Denk, just because of his ethnicity in South Sudan, despite the fact that he is a national artist who has nothing to do with ethnicity, was forced to leave the Country just at the onset of the fighting which was later followed by a massacred which the African Union described as “State Policy” to kill unarmed civilians.

K DENK 2233

K DENK 223

k denk 222

K DENK 221


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