SPLM-IO rejects 28 States; moves on with peace implementation in “10 States”

Juba – The SPLM in opposition’s recent consultative meeting in Pagak has concluded with several recommendations met during the consultation on the issues raised.

One of those issue is the rejection of 28 States by opposition and stress that they shall only commit to the peace implementation on the basis of 10 state on which the agreement was signed.

“The leadership of SPLM-IO recommended and decided that we should insist and stick to the implementation of the agreement in spirit and letter which mean 10 States is what the agreement was signed on the basis” ~ Taban Deng stated Friday at JIA upon arrival from Pagak.

He said they may refer the matter to JMEC later in case of disagreement between them and the goverment over the issue and as provided in the agreement.

On the formation of the TGoNU, Taban said there should be a constitution first in place under which the goverment shall be form under.

One of the matter discussed as well during the two days consultation is the issue of presidential advisers which the opposition propose to only be 5 in numbers. The SPLM-IO shall nominate 2 and the goverment nominates 3.

The goverment is yet to respond to all these resolution made by the opposition.

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