Ki-line Gatkek resigns from SSAAE over “hatred” on him from members

Addis Ababa – The most leading artist in Ethiopia, Ki-line Gatkek, has resigned from the South Sudan Artist Association in Ethiopia (SSAAE), citing lacks of cooperation, hatred and jealousy on him from colleagues who are members of the association.

“I was one of the strong founding members of the association and when we initiated it,  our objectives was to team up and build the better recognition of our important work, prosperity and the mutual benefits to all the concerning members of the initiative. Unfortunately the leadership of the SSAAE diverted the objectives by running different interest of their owns and jeopardized the interest of others just because they are the leaders” Ki-line told Wangdunkon Media

He said he has resign and will work independently as many other artist and keep away from the association which which, according to him, is fully of hatred and jealousy.

“Artists are complaining that I’m promoting my musics and getting popular rather than promoting it for all my fellow brothers within the association. I think that is not true. I don’t do it my self but my talent”  he explained continuing the he is “afraid of the association futurity when its full of hatred and jealousy as I see it now among the members”

K-Denk applauded Ki-line’s decision

Separately, a Kenyan-based South Sudanese artist popularly known as K-Denk has applauded the decision taken by Ki-line to resign saying that there is no needs of leadership in music.

“I was among those who came up with the idea of having a unity as we were in Ethiopia, which the objective would be to support ourselves . but then, they came up with the association……. with leadership structure like so is the leader followed by so and the list go on ….. I told them no, I will not be part of it but I will support you in anything you guys are doing”

K-Denk stressed that leadership in music among artist doesn’t work; what works is teamwork and unity.

The association was founded more than a year ago and has been under the leadership of Khor Deng Jang, popularly known as Khor DJ and with membership several other Ethiopia-based South Sudanese artist.

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