Duer Tut Duer: “28 States is a flagrant violation of Compromised Peace Agreement by Kiir”

Jigmiir – The rebel appointed governor of Sobat State, Mr. Duer Tut Duer, has urged the citizens of the rebel-controlled Sobat State to embrace peace, not 28 State pointing out that the 28 state issue is a violation of the peace agreement.

In a speech h delivered to hundred of citizens who gathered in Jigmiir, the current headquarter of Sobat State, Duer said the 21 state which the SPLM/A-IO created sometime back during the war shouldn’t be use as pretext to talk and discuss the 28 matter, continuing that they would simply drop the 21 state should the goverment drop 28 state and embrace only the constitutionally established ten states.

“28 States is a flagrant violation of Compromised Peace Agreement by Kiir and the Gang. The 21 States should not be used as a pretext; they were established before the Compromised Peace Agreement and their live time is related to the dissolution of the 28 States. Once Kiir dissolved his 28 States and adopt the 10 States as stipulated in the Agreement we will automatically come to 10 States.” Duer said in the gathering.
“We are for peace and not for 28 States; we will not recognize any Governor for Upper Nile or so called Latjor if not nominated by SPLM/SPLA” he continued
Gov. Duer also remind the citizens of their efforts and commitment they have made to bring peace back to the country, highlighting that they would go back to Juba as peace makers and that they would be seen by the people of South Sudan as an alternative to the current regime of President Kirr.
“We are sitting here victoriously because we brought peace to South Sudan. If this peace materializes, then we could proudly tell ourselves we made it. We will than go to Juba victoriously knowing that we are perceived by the people of South Sudan as force of change, a credible alternative to the current political set-up in the Country, a force that will make reforms to establish a system of Governance that will match with the new actuality, face the challenges of the new situation and shoulder the mission of building a united, free, peaceful and prosperous South Sudan” ~ he said
On the event that the peace collapse, he said it will be recalled that the SPLM/A-IO tried to bring peace back to South Sudan, and that the failure to implement it is not theirs!
“In case of collapse of the Compromised Peace Agreement, than we will courageously tell the people of South Sudan and the world that we tried to bring peace but Kiir refuses” ~ Duer pointed out.
Sobat State is one of the rebel created 21 state which the goverment rejected to endorse during the peace talks saying that the demand was good but the parties to the peace talk were “not empowered by the people of South Sudan to act on their behalf on such matters” which led to the demand being left out of the agreement.
Less than two months later, the goverment unilaterally created 28 states through “Republican Order” without being empowered by both the citizens and the constitution to do so in contrary to their point of rejecting the rebel created 21 states.

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