Emmanuel Jal warns of tribal war as result of Kirr’s 28 states

London – The legendary Hip Hip artist, Emmanuel Jal, have finally spoken out warning of a tribal war and Country division should President Kirr moves one with the 28 states he created late last years and intends to implement despite huge criticism from many oppositions groups in the Country as well as international community who have been supporting the peace process and the peace agreement.

Emmanuel spokes out on his facebook  page today, January 15th, 2016 as below:

President Kiir of South Sudan has created 28 states which is a threat to the current peace. He curved land from other tribes and gave it to the Dinka tribe ,the 28 states 12 states goes to Dinka and 61 tribes are left to share 16.

The problem is not president Kiir , The problem is the Representatives that are being fatten for kill now, the problem is South Sudanese who are not demanding how they should be govern.

Tribal War has not started yet but if this idea is not executed well it could give birth to a tribal War. If president Kiir want to be a president for all he should scratch that idea if he want to be Dinka president the 12 state should be a separate State and form a country called the Dinka Republic all other tribes should form South Sudan with DinkA or form their own countries like cholla Kingdom , Naath Republic , Madi Republic etc. South Sudanese should know our differences is our strength and also we are endangered species with a rich history ancient Egyptians times the Kush Kingdom/Nubia we also have a potential to contribute to greater cause of humanity making these world a better place. Peace is justice, Equality and freedom for all.

The 28 States has been a cause of evening headache to many South Sudan and it’s been the sole dominant of discussion; many people have rejected the idea as it stabs peace and and threat its implementation. Emmanuel Jal is one of milionth voices calling for the 28 states to be rescinded.

For more about Emmanuel Jal, please clicks on his WIKIPEDIA profile and get to know who the man is!

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