Dr. Riek Mchar Teny

Machar’s returns to Juba deferred as Kirr moves on with 28 states

Juba – The anticipated returns of the Opposition leader, Dr. Machar, has been deferred by the opposition as President Salva Kirr has moved on with the implementation of the 28 states he created late last year through “Republican Order 36/2015”

Machar will not be in Juba before the goverment “revokes” its unilateral decision of creating more states out of the signed peace agreement.

Speaking to Eye Radio today, James Gatdet Dak, the spokesperson of the Opposition leader said his boss will not returns as anticipated.

Other issues which, according to Mr. Gatdet, will delay Machar’s coming includes the continued  present of goverment troops inside Juba and the constitutional amendment by the expanded parliament which has not yet been done.

“He will return to Juba after some outstanding issues have been resolved in the implementation of the peace agreement and these include amendment of the transitional constitution and to be passed by an expanded parliament and then implementation of the security arrangements including the withdrawal of the government forces from Juba and deployment of joint peace and monitoring forces” Gatdet told Eye Radio

JMEC asked the parties three days ago to discuss and reach a consensus on the issue as it’s one of the major challenge which seems to be derailing the peace implementation and the formation of a unity goverment.

However, the SPLM in opposition said they wouldn’t be in position to renegotiate the peace agreement with the goverment and that the implementation will have to move on base on the 10 states as it was sign

“We have nothing to discuss it in regards to the 28 states our position is very clear there’s no renegotiation” Machar’s deputy spokesperson, Nyarji Roman, said when contacted by Wangdunkon Media