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An interview with Ki-line Gatkek, the top S. Sudanese artist in Ethiopia

Interview: Ki-line Gatkek is such a young inspiring artist, his fans says, with a huge potential in musical industry laying ahead of him; he has produced 38 songs and he is running both his studies and musics.

Hoping to come home (South Sudan) later this year around July after graduating, and with aver 20 new songs to be produced, it’s with great hope that Ki-line will rock the nation and make it far beyond many known artist in the Country.

Ki-line believes that his names will make it to the level of the late legendary artist BOB MARLEY! but truly, artist Ki-line definitely have the talent to make it there should opportunity also be there.

Some of his songs can be accessed on his YouTube channel:

Below is an interview Ki-line did with Wangdunkon Media:

WM: When did you start your musical journey and why?

Ki-line: My journey in music and singing goes back to 1996 when I was only six years old. At that time, my younger sister NYACHATE was a baby and kept crying when my mum was preparing food for us. By then I automatically start creating songs to entertain the baby by praising her in the songs and stop disturbing the busy mama.

Every day I used to create new song for her. My mum was very surprised about how I do it while I was only five years old. I did the same to my cousin NYAMUOCH BIEL.

In 2004 at Dimma refugee camp while living there as a refugee myself, I got engaged in club membership called RADO which stand for ” rehabilitation and development organization ” formed by UNHCR to aware people about presence of the Land mine in South Sudan to be very careful when we go back home. We were also taught on awareness of how people should consider the disabled people either by war or land mine. I created many songs that we used to sing about those issues, and when there is a celebration in the camp like around June 20th, the world refugee day.

 Though I’ve been doing this I never realized who I am as someone having the talent till I was reminded by others about it. People were calling me “artist” and I thought they just joke as I don’t deserve such an important title as I did not realized my talent. The reason why I do music instrumentally is because since I was growing up I have seen the things about culture and about life as well in our society are not okay enough and they need to be corrected, and it is not easy spreading out my feeling to our people; but as I felt out of capacity to do it I finally decided that using my talent of singing is the only alternative to communicate my feeling.

I began my work with my first album CA GAACH which talked out me wondering how things are not okay enough about life as we see them. It involved many songs in its like KUK CHOW, Nyir mi jiek, Ca Duer, Julia and many others songs. 2012 is the year I started recording my album and after two week later my first single CA DUER was released for the first time in my music history

WM: what is your first song that you did instrumentally?


Ki-line: ‘CA DUER’ was the first song I made instrumentally. I dedicated it to my girlfriend as an apology song that I’ve been cheating on her though I love her so much and didn’t mean to avoid her. Since the idea of the song were very much touching to every lover heart that might be facing the same experience, the song were accepted and you find people listening to it in everywhere u go. In fact people does not believed that it should be the first song or the starting song of my musical journey I made instrumentally.

WM: How many songs have you produced so far?

Ki-line: Over 38 songs from now

WM: Any song ready for the New Year 2016?

Ki-line: Yes, I got some over 21 singles but I’m now very overloaded by making research for my graduation as I’m graduating this summer of 2016 around July and may not have enough time to produce them for public before that time.

WM: Many people have been wondering whether you are a South Sudanese or an Ethiopian musician, what would be your answer.

Ki-line: I am the top South Sudanese artist in Ethiopia. As I was given that title by our people, it completely describes my nationality as a South Sudanese. However, I can also praise Ethiopia in my songs if I love something in it. I’m just staying here for the reason of my desire to complete my bachelor degree of economic and hopefully will be at home in South Sudan very soon this July

WM: Who in musical industry is your role model, and that you wish to reach his/her level?


Ki-line: I would not get satisfied before my names reaches the level of legend BOB MARLEY. MARLEY is my role model and I will work hard to extend my name worldwide to the level of BOB MARLEY

WM: How do you think your music will be in 2018?

Ki-line: I think my music will enter to different and very amazing level because since the first day my first single CA DUER was released, my fans never disappointed me. I wonder how our people get convinced by my music because, firstly I’m not very serious in doing music now and I just do it as a part time work putting priority on my schooling. Secondly, I have no video clip of any of my songs; those who know me is just by listening to audios files. So I wonder how it happen and it’s an indication that show who I will be in the near future and I hope my music will be very different if I will start shooting my videos and focusing on music only.

WM: How do you manage both music and the studies?

Ki-line: Yeah I manages my time for both because I thought school is very important all the time. And again I am a musician who is physician to life of many people. I thought that keeping forward my studies will make me more equipped and even my songs will make more sense and make changes to everyone’s life. I manage doing both and the reason is because I choose to be in.