Kirr appoints 50 SPLM-IO nominated members to the ‘Transitional National Legislative Assemly’

Juba – President Kirr has issued “Republican Decree” for the appointments of the 50 SPLM-IO members who were nominated to be added to the Transitional National Legislative Assembly as provided in the peace agreement.

Kirr made the decree this evening through South Sudan Television (SSTV) in Juba.

The 50 members, selected by the SPLM in Opposition on 10 state base, will add to the 332 previous members of the South Sudan National Legislative Assembly.

Meanwhile, the former political detainees and the other South Sudan based political parties have not yet nominated their members for appointment. The FPDs will nominate 1 person to the parliament while the other political parties nominates 17 members.

The total number of the members of the to-be formed Transitional National Legislative Assembly will be 400 as stated in Chapter 1 article 11 sub article 11.1 of the ARCISS.

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