Who dismissed who in FDP/SSAF camp in Nairobi; and who send the 17 men advance team?

Nairobi – The FDP/SSAF camp was initially and temporarily under the Chairmanship of Gebriel Changson Chang of the former UDSF-M party who, alongside the ‘Generals’ and some elders, decided to quite the main opposition (armed) movement, the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon.

Just weeks (if not days) after defecting, the generals felt out with Changson in one hand and with the elders who were under Gathoth’s influence  in other hands leading to the existence of three separate hostile camps in the small and unpopular FDP/SSAF.

The group under temporary leadership of Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka ruled out going to Juba while the group of elders together with General Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyaang preferred joining the government and went ahead to sign MoU with the government which Gathoth did himself as the chairman of the group.

This group, according to sources, signed the MoU without the involvement of Generel Peter Gatdet and other Generals including Gen. Chuol Gakah Yier and Gebriel Gatwech Chan (Tanginye)

Changson in the other hands seem to have been left out, not sure if he will also make another peace agreement with the government or just join voluntarily with his former party, UDSF-M.

Meanwhile, for the Generals, (except Gathoth) going to Juba is a “red-line” according to sources but they do not seem ready to rejoin Machar in SPLM/SPLA-IO given the scale of differences and disagreement they had with the later.

To make it clear to the public, the group led by Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth with membership of elders like Gebriel Yoal Dok, Timothy Tot Chol and Mario Dhuor are the one who signed MoU with the government and have sent their team to Juba in preparation for their final coming to join the government. They will not be party to the agreement (ARCRSS) but part of the government

Meanwhile, the other groups under Gen. Peter Gatdet and that of Changson have not yet decised where to go; they have not yet decided whether to rejoin SPLM/SPLA IO or goverment.

Some inner circle within the group of Generals observes that the Generals are likely to rejoin the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition if Machar would be open and ready to welcome them.

It’s likely that Gen. Gathoth may soon come to Juba and follow his team leaving Gatdet and Changsons wondering.

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