Mayom Students in Sudan congratulates the leadership of SPLM-IO For newly promoted ‘Generals’

Press release.

Khartoum – We the mayom student association at university and higher institution in Sudan would like to congratulated the Commander in chief of SPLA-IO Dr Riek Machar teny and the sons and daughters of Mayom among other who are newly promoted to the rank of Maj:Gen, Brig:G Col: other various categories in their different rank. We believe the SPLA-IO can do the best in south Sudan and in the region.

The reorganization of our army is timely, we urge the newly promoted General to display sense of humility and act accordingly base on their mandate as the national army pending amalgamation of two forces these will act, as part of disregarding the previous trend of SPlA which use to confront with civilians in one accassion and another.

With this promotion south Sudan will never be same again in term of enough military personal to defend the territorial integrity of sovereignty of our young Nation. The grantee of security is top priority that will enable us to realize genuine peace, where south Sudanese will live side by side with each other. And subsequently that must lead to development of infrastructure   and other basic amenities that make life suitable.

We the people of south Sudan must not wait for another fragmentation riding on our back once again; in fact we must be logical this time. The peace agreement is the supreme document in the country from the basis of which the current   constitutional can be amended, any attempt to remove clause or incorporated an article is regarded as serious violation of agreement. We urge the Salva kir not to act unilateral with 28 states as it will danger the current peace deal.

Mayom Universities Student Chairperson in Sudan.

Mawal Dador Deng.