Lou Nuer Youth Association, Elders and women representatives met with their sons from the IO’s advance teams in Juba

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The team was lead by the Acting chair person of LNYA Tut Top Riek and the representatives of three counties, thus the elders was represented by Chot Lual and Yoal Char Chuol as well as women represented by Nyamim Row Wiituor, More than fifty youths, ten women and three head chief representing the respective three counties of Greater Akobo participated in the meeting.

The teams extend their regards and congratulations to SPLM/IO leadership under Dr. Riek Machar and Government of South Sudan for their commitments to implemented the peace agreement, and particularly their sons who stand firm with people of South Sudan and Lou Nuer communities in particular during the last 21 months of war.

The teams briefs their sons on how they manage to live in dire situation in UNMISS Camp for the period of two years and how to copy up with the others Nuer norms and cultures , we the Lou Nuer Youth in Juba (UNMISS) would like to air out our voices/position base on this sign agreement that we are standing with the warring parties to implement  the peace agreement if it would materialized ,we hope this agreement would not fall into the same path with the 1972 peace agreement in Addis Ababa by the Sudanese Government and the rebel of Anya one which Uncle Abel Alier wrote many book about it.

We would like to urges the world to look carefully to monitor the implementation of this agreement and hold the spoilers of the peace accountable’ without their support the suffering of South Sudanese would not come to an end, our concern is the current creation and appointment of governors of 28 states this situation clearly remind us of pronouncement made before and after the signing of compromised peace agreement in Addis Ababa on the 17th and 26th respectively in which there were utterances by some of the parties to work against the agreement even if it was signed.

On contrary the people of this Republic are willing to embrace peace not war as it’s being propagated by few of an Individual in Juba, therefore; as the people who lives in dire situation in UNMISS we feel it and even those who lives in their luxuries lives in hotels and their homes outside as well are now feeling it because of the economic hardship and the insecurity in any corner of the country affecting every citizen for that reasons no one would run away from peace.

The Lou Nuer IO teams headed by Hon Hussein Mar Nyuot praises our commitments for this period of time and acknowledge without the suffering of thousands of IDPS ,refugee and those in the bushes of South Sudan the peace would have not been signed ,they assured us that this peace will not perished at the face of International Communities and on their part they are committed to the bottom of their hearts to implement this peace agreement’ if Government will do the same they think it would be the starting point for South Sudanese to live in Peace and harmony.

The teams tell us to start the reconciliation and forgiveness among ourselves, asked for the reaction on the creation of 28 states the team pending the reply to the JMEC and International communities whose roles like a football referee, they are hopeful everything will be solves amicably .


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