Peace progress in ‘fiasco’ as goverment move on with 28 states implementation

Juba – The Compromised Peace Agreement (CPA-II) has been put in fiasco as government continue to pursue the implementation of the 28 states decreed in October this year out of the August signed peace agreement.

In efforts to implement the 28 states, Kirr in a decree read on SSTV on the Christmas day, dissolved the 10 states, removed the governors and reappointed the new 28 governors.

Machar has condemned the move and ask IGAD and the peace partners to “pressure Kirr” to rescind his decree and withdraw it for the sake of implementing the peace agreement signed by the two leaders to end the two years civil war in the Country.

There is high possibility of the parties failing to implement the peace agreement unless an immediate intervention from the IGAD/JMEC and the international community is rendered as soon as possible.

Observers says the government has lured in the SPLM-IO and the SPLM-FPDs who are currently in Juba for the implementation of the peace agreement, and are now acting in violation of the peace agreement.

Sources also indicated that there was a disagreement on the ministries distribution in accordance with the peace agreement as government allegedly reserved some ministries to be out of sharing and surprisingly, the same evening the decree for abolishing the states and appointing governors came out.

IGAD/JMEC and the international community have not yet openly respond to the development

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