Over 15 injured; more missing, as S. Sudanese clashes with Ugandans in Wakiso District, Uganda

Wakiso – Clashes have erupted this evening between South Sudanese and their hosts, Ugandans, in Nansana, Kabumbi of Uganda’s Wakiso district  leaving about 15 South Sudanese injured and several others have gone missing.

Gatluak Chuol Gatluak, a resident of Nansana (wounded slightly as well) explained to Wangdunkon Media on phone that the clashes occurred when a Ugandan motorbike rider knock and injured a South Sudanese and refused to give apology and instead said “this is not [South] Sudan and that we should be careful”

“when we tried to ask him again and telling him that what he did was unfair because the guy he knocked was seriously injured he then called the whole crowd to fight us” ~ Chuol explained

After the Ugandan managed to chase away the group of the S. Sudanese who were fighting them, the Ugandans allegedly went on rampant attacking every South Sudanese they found, breaking into their homes and many people have gone missing trying to escape for their live.

Both Ugandans and South Sudanese were using sticks and stones against each other for more than an hour.

The situation remains unstable for the South Sudanese in the area as the group which fought them remains out of reach by the Authorities.

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  1. I don’t understand when we the Sudanese will learn to restrain from violent tendency. Just because a rider refused to give an apology don’t warrant a fight. It is paramount to know that not every inconvenience, or indifference can be solve by iron fists or fight so to speak. Facing every obstacle with fighting mindset is true indication of our lack of self-control or our lack of critical reasoning. Please dear brothers and sisters, I do challenge us to think really really well before acting. It does us no good but, tarnish our selves images our common tendency of jumping the gun!