Dr. Marial, Hon. Thon Leek at odds over the Country’s ‘crummy diplomacy’

Juba – The South Sudan Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, and the Chairmain of the Parliamentary Foreign affairs committee in the National Parliament, Hon. Philip Thon Leek, are at odds as the Country’s diplomatic missions failed to make the Country’s image better internationally.

“In our recommendation, we have mentioned that the ministry of foreign affairs is considered the weakest; our foreign missions have failed yet [it gets an allocation of] $8.5 million per a month,” Hon. Thon explained

“I made a summon agreed by the committee to bring him to the house here. We want this house to ask our diplomats to tell us why our image is getting bad in the foreign countries” Thon continued

Hon. Thon said he had written ten letters asking the Minister to meet the Parliamentary Foreign committee over the matter, but the ministry denied having received any letter

South Sudan’s image is getting dwindled, crummy beyond improvement as the goverment continue to initiate unwelcoming decision one after the other, most of which are against peace which the Country and world is struggling to achieve to end the suffering of the South Sudanese.

Critics says the Country’s diplomats shouldn’t be the one to blame citing lacks of procedural programmes and policies they can implement as well as goverment’s extreme level propaganda .

“They shouldn’t blame those diplomats. There are no programmes to be implemented by those diplomats from the goverment. Beside, the goverment’s level of propaganda is extreme. They have been lying to the world while the world receives the realities through their embassies here in Juba. The world knows that the goverment in Juba does not necessarily represent the people of South Sudan and the world doesn’t value them as people’s goverment” said the critics who preferred anonymity.

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