2nd anniversary of ‘Juba massacre’ concluded with less hope for peace

Juba – The 2nd anniversary of the Juba Massacre which marks the beginning of South Sudan civil unrest have been concluded in various parts in the word including South Sudan.

The anniversary was massively attended massively in various countries including Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Australia, USA, Ethiopia and Canada.

In South Sudan, the event was organized in UN camps in Juba, Malakal, Bor and Bentiu. Church leaders and civil society groups also organized the same event in Juba

The event is set to be marked and celebrated yearly on every 15th and 16th of December to honor the victims of Juba Nuer massacre and the rest of South Sudanese who have lost their lives during the conflict.

In some places, the day was commemorated on 15th while in others it was done on 16th. During the day, those observing the day avoid eating meat and any other thing that has blood.

Less hope for peace

While marking the day, South Sudanese are absolutely quite hopeless in peace prevailing in the Country as parties, especially the goverment, drag feet in implementing the peace agreement.

According to the peace agreement signed in August this year, the implementation was supposed to have started in mid November with formation of transitional of National unity in place.

But so far, the two main warring parties have not moved an inch toward implementing the agreement.

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