Gen. Peter Gatdet: “Peace and reconciliation amongst communities must have a room”

Khartoum – In his message on the 2nd anniversary of the Juba massacre. Gen Peter Gatdet calls for an end to the suffering of the South Sudanese citizens as the Country marks two years of civil strives.

While observing the day, Gen. Peter Gatdet calls on “everybody to light the candles as a symbol of remembrance for the lives of those lost in Juba” pointing out that “Nuers were killed in thousands and thousands by president Kiir’s forces in the capital Juba on 16 December 2013″

“Our heartfelt goes to each person who has died and gone missing on that painful day” Gen. Peter Gatdet said in a press statement imparted to Wangdunkon Media

“The crimes the Salva Kirr’s army committed against Nuer inhabitants [in Juba] go beyond legal acceptable crimes against humanity and war crimes”

Peace and reconciliation amongst communities must have a room

“we must work hard to bring this suffering of our people to an end; Peace and reconciliation amongst communities must have a room and those who are obstructions [peace] must stand dawn for the sake of our natio” Gen. Peter Gatdet pointed out

Peter Gatdet i currently in unarmed rebellion objecting to any peace which allows Salva Kirr back to presidency. Gatdet alongside other Generals including Gebriel Gatwech Chan and Gathoth Gatkuoth Hoth-nyaang have been in Nairobi and sometime Khartoum trying to make their rebellion an active one.

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